I’m currently a medical student at an allopathic school in the United States. As I continue though clinical rotations this year, I’ll begin updating this blog with stories and advice from 4th year. I have had quite a few experiences before coming to medical school. During college I worked as a nursing assistant to pay the bills. After graduating, I was employed as an engineer with a National Science Foundation lab. Now, I’m in the military under the Health Professions Scholarship Program.

Feel free to send me some e-mail at halfmd [at] yahoo [dot] com. I welcome comments—public or private—and will never delete a statement simply because I disagree with it. Be aware that the following emails get automatically deleted without a reply:

“Will you post a link to my website?”
“How do I get into medical school?” and its evil cousin, “What are my chances with my GPA?”
“Will you write a guest article for my website?”
“Will you review my product?”

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