Counting down the days

April 16, 2009 at 11:24 am (Uncategorized)

Posting from the road:
Fourth year is about to end.
Only one month to go.



  1. student said,

    Dear Half-MD,

    I know you have written a lot about how there is not one perfect undergraduate school that will guarantee your admission into medical school and that the undergraduate school choice should be based upon each students personal needs so they can excel but after looking at incoming classes of medical students at schools like University of Rochester Medical School :

    it looks like you have to go to a top notch school to even get in. Schools that might not have famous names like Eastern Michigan University, Le Moyne College, or Montana State University, would students from these schools have a chance of getting in?

    Half M.D.: Doesn’t matter. Those schools that you named are smaller and therefore send fewer students to medical school based on their size. If you really want to be a doctor, the name of your school has little impact. You can do a search on PubMed under “medical school admissions” and see that undergraduate institution doesn’t appear in any of the articles.

  2. Ken said,

    way to sneak in the haiku there.

  3. Frosty said,

    Congrats, HalfMD. You’ll have to think of a new blog name soon! 🙂

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