My progression of clinical skills

January 30, 2009 at 11:24 am (Clinical rotations)




  1. Scrub said,

    LOL, so true, so true. Don’t forget the inevitable 3rd yr job of performing a rectal exam and fecal occult blood test for someone who has “bloody stools” and it turns out they’re just constipated.

  2. Frosty said,

    Hahaha… awesome!

  3. poor MD said,

    I love it! An accurate portrayal of the clinical experience of four years of med school summed up in stick figures!

  4. fizzlemed said,


  5. Tracy said,

    L o v e it! Wish i could send it to my niece’s husband who will be M-1 come summer… 🙂

  6. Rick said,

    Perfect! I can especially relate to the 4th year…when will it end?

  7. dragonfly said,

    Awesomeness. Except for 4th year (or the equivalent) womyn med students – where even if introduced as a doctor we still get asked if we will give up nursing when we get married. (I never pass myself off as a doctor, but occasionally get introduced as such by the consultant during rounds, for God knows what reason).

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