Signs that my resident got an MD from a questionable university

January 24, 2009 at 7:40 pm (Clinical rotations)

1. When I said that the patient has massive angina, she told me that if I ever repeat that, she’ll bring me up on sexual harassment charges.

2. She signs her admission notes with hearts over each “i.”

3. She uses House, Scrubs, and Grey’s Anatomy for hints on treating patients.

4. She really does believe that patients tell the truth about drug habits and sexual history.

5. She just can’t deal with the stress of a PMR residency.



  1. citystreams said,

    I agree with numbers 1-4. But even PMR is still residency!

  2. MG said,

    When I look at a patient’s chart to read the history & progress notes there’s nothing I love more than long notes that fill every corner of a page w/tall & wide flowery cursive & plenty of rounded edges (hearts over ‘i’s optional). If the writing wouldn’t look out of place in a teenage girl’s diary I can’t help but discount the content. Besides, I can’t read that shit to save my life, and neither can anyone else as far as I can tell. My attending reading a note: “32 y.o. female pt…chest…appetite? no, agitated…pernilly(?) 2004…uh, let’s just go see the patient.”

    P.S. Please tell me items 1-5 came from your imagination & not reality.

  3. medaholic said,

    Neat new look

  4. fizzlemed said,

    yes, I am also curious whether you were being facetious…. funny as fiction, funny^2 if reality…

  5. dragonfly said,

    1-4, yes. Not sure what a PMR residency is like in the states but here rehab is masses of work, their wards tend to get all the things that don’t fit anywhere else and has heaps of variety – always the place to go for interesting chronic cases actually, as opposed to the (and I hate myself for using the phrase) gomers).

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