Results from the military match are in

December 17, 2008 at 11:20 pm (Military medicine)

There are a few people who were using my website to find the military match results that were released on December 17. The results from the Air Force and Navy are available on publicly accessible websites. However, I believe in the privacy of the applicants. Therefore, I will not post those links—although I’m sure you can find them elsewhere. The Army will not publicly release the results at this time. I will, however, list the number of people at matched into each specialty for the Air Force. These numbers include both medical students as well as physicians who are transferring into these fields.

Anesthesiology 23
Emergency medicine 35
Family medicine, flight medicine 6
Family medicine 46
General surgery 29
Internal medicine 34
Neurology 4
Neurological surgery 1
Obstetrics and gynecology 17
Ophthalmology 6
Orthopedics surgery 13
Otolaryngology 6
Pathology 7
Pediatrics 31
Psychiatry 10
Radiation oncology 1
Radiology 18
Urology 7

There were 63 people who matched into PGY-1 years only. Most of these people will be forced to go into flight surgery or GMO routes in the future. There are several specialties that I did not include in this list such as aerospace medicine and dermatology because medical students are not allowed to apply for these positions.



  1. Joe P said,

    I know of two who did PGY-1 last year and matched to dermatology yesterday. Which is great because they couldn’t even apply for it last year. So not everyone goes straight to flight surgery which is a good thing to know. What did you match to? If so, was it your first choice? I hope it turned out well, congrats to all those who matched to what they wanted!!

  2. LaurenL said,

    Is the AF the only military branch that does not allow med. students to apply to dermatology?

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