Banned at work

November 15, 2008 at 2:59 pm (Uncategorized)

I tried to log into my website this week from a nursing floor only to discover that my hospital has blocked access to, saying that it is “inappropriate for the workplace.” I wonder how they came to that conclusion.



  1. brownmedstudent said,

    ouch bro…

  2. MG said, MD is NSFW (not suitable for work), a label normally reserved for sites with nudity &/or profanity).

    Your site, in contrast, is NSFW b/c it’s more engaging than many people’s jobs.

  3. Visish said,

    Do other wordpress blogs work? I have a feeling they may have just blocked blogs in general.

  4. halfmd said,

    I checked and found that other blogs are blocked as well. The ban seems to be universal.

  5. Happy Hospitalist said,

    You need to get a smart phone and log in over a highspeed phone network.

    Problem solved

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