Leave the adcoms alone

June 24, 2008 at 8:51 pm (Applying to med school)

This is a short post and directed at the pre-meds who are waiting to hear back from admissions committees regarding their movement on the waitlist.

Stop calling! Leave the adcoms alone!

The admissions committees do a fine job of organizing the alternate list. They are very quick to admit more students as spots become available. They will ensure that a full class matriculates in August. And they will do all of those things without your constant calling to see if the waitlist has moved, what’s your position on the list, and if the person answering the telephone thinks that you have a chance of getting accepted.

Your whining about the slow process of medical school admissions isn’t going to move the list any faster. And if you’re planning on enrolling at my university, I hope you don’t get your shorts in a knot so quickly and tightly that your medical school career is labeled as “that guy” who gets on everyone’s nerves.

Remember that conversation we had about not being a jackass when applying to medical school? The same rules apply for harassing the admissions committee. Stop calling!


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  1. nick said,

    h2PNgm hi! hice site!

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