Counting down the days

May 19, 2008 at 9:35 am (Clinical rotations)

Every morning I wake up, look at my alarm clock, and groan in agony as I have to go in one more day. Given that within the past week my resident has twice shown up late for rounds, I believe she is experiencing the same phenomenon. I keep telling myself that I have less than a month to go in third year. After that, I’m taking two months to study for both parts of STEP II, and then it’s off to do my externships. I won’t see the inside of my hospital again until October. I’m eagerly awaiting the beginning of fourth year. It’s all classes than I signed up for with a focus on my specialty. I pick some difficult courses as well as some real sleepers. After all the work I put in during third year, I’m looking forward to a break. By the time mid June rolls around, I will have gone 50 weeks continuously in the hospital with only two weeks off for winter break. That’s the longest I’ve gone without some kind of extended vacation—and it shows. I can tell from my writing on this website that my creativity has really gone on a decline. I’m working on some new material that I can unveil once rotations end. But until that last day arrives, I’ll keep counting down my time using my old friend, the Donut of Misery.

Donut of Misery



  1. anonymous said,

    In his fire up the troops messages to my siblings and I toward the ends of semesters and before championship events when we were just tired and sick of the game, my dad used to say that the greatest pine tree was once a little nut who held it’s ground.

  2. Bostonian in NY said,

    I’ve got the donut of misery counting down the days left in med school…kind of pathetic that I dislike it so much, but it’s nice to see that little red segment shrink away.

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