Happy birthday to Half M.D.

March 19, 2008 at 10:02 pm (Uncategorized)

I started this blog one year ago today with the hope that I could share some insight with life as a medical student. I wanted to cover everything from admissions to medical school, to funny patient encounters, to all the asinine hoops that we have to jump through to get an M.D.

I’ve written over 70 articles, have had more than 32,000 visitors, and have been cited by several respectable names in the medical field. I’ve also had quite a bizarre list of searches end up on my doorstep. The host of this blog, WordPress, can track what users are searching for online who eventually stumble upon my website. Below are some of the real phrases that people type into Google and somehow find this place:

death to men
i’m a nurse how do i date this MD
My first enema (three times!)
when a cna spread rumors about you
hobo christmas
medical students with nice breasts
can men take correctol
quick boner pills
running long distance with a catheter
i’m half assing my clinical rotations
sexist men (twice)
sake compared to other alcohol

I’m shocked. People must think that I’m a sexist man who is handing out dating advice while inserting catheters into athletes, giving enemas, and rating the best sake in town.

It’s been a great year—and I’m hoping that the next 12 months are equally enjoyable. I started family medicine this week and have already had one person suffer a transient ischemic attack (a mini stroke), a psychosomatic woman who walked into the office and asked for a handicapped parking decal, and multiple cold sufferers who think that we can magically cure their illness while at the same time they get pissy because they have to sit in the waiting room. I’m already cooking up some new stories.

Also of note is that tomorrow is Match day for civilian medical students. I want to wish everyone good luck in landing the residency of their dreams. Who am I kidding? All of the fourth year medical students are too busy celebrating right now to read this blog.



  1. Y. S. said,

    Happy birthday đŸ™‚

  2. idocinprogress said,

    Happy Birthday! And congratulations on your success!

  3. Y. S. said,

    I wanted to ask: are you done with your internal medicine rotation? did you blog about it? That will be a good read!

  4. Hoover said,

    Happy b-day Half and thanks for the contribution at MSH. I published it today.

  5. anonymous said,

    May God grant you many happy years as a doctor!

  6. halfmd said,

    I wrote about internal medicine back in October and November. You can check the archives to see all that I had to say about rounding and ordering thousands of dollars in tests. We certainly went on a few zebra hunts when all that was required was a good physical and an HIV test. Every patient should be tested for HIV…

  7. Y. S. said,

    Thanks Ill look them up.

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