Leap Day

February 29, 2008 at 8:00 pm (Clinical rotations)

Instead of giving you, my readers, another diatribe about the world of psychiatry, I’ve decided to use this holiday to do something different.  During clerkship lectures I get so bored that I usually spend the hour surfing the web on my palm pilot.  Unfortunately, the mental health building at my hospital does not get WiFi.  Therefore, I’m stuck trying to find other ways to keep myself entertained/sane.  I’ve taken to writing poetry and making little drawings on note cards.  I want to post some of the haikus that I’ve been writing.

Do you know the day, month, year?
Can you draw this shape?

Psychiatry (noun):
Real patients, fake physicians.
Why wear the white coat?

The shrink’s battle cry:
Here’s a script to Wellbutrin.
Take it with water.


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