Breath a sigh of relief

June 21, 2007 at 4:43 pm (1st and 2nd year)

I just finished STEP I. Time to start studying for STEP II. Sarcasm and humor to follow.



  1. REO SpeedDealer said,

    Enjoy this summer, brother. It is the last one you will have for many many years.

  2. Miami_med said,

    Congratulations. It always feels good to slay the beast.

  3. halfmd said,

    It’s not much of a summer vacation. I start 3rd year rotations tomorrow! My school only gave us 5 weeks to study for boards. (hmmm… I wonder why my decently ranked university has such mediocre USMLE scores.)

  4. Me said,

    Could you write a post that gives advice about Step I studying?

  5. halfmd said,

    No post is necessary. Read BRS for physiology, Rapid Review for pathology, and the Kaplan books for everything else. Take three weeks to get through these texts. Then, turn to USMLEWorld and go through every question—all 2000 of them. Do 200 questions a day and you’ll finish in less than 2 weeks. Finally, go through all of the questions that you’ve missed and you should be fine.

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